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The first zoo in Romania was founded in 1929 in the Dumbrava Forest, by the Electricity Factory Sibiu, thanks to the initiative of engineer Szekely. The idea occurred to him when he encountered some foxes while working at the Sadu dam.
After its founding, several animal and bird species were donated to the zoo such as: a wild cat, a she-wolf – donated by Obert von Spiess on behalf of the King-, a wolf – from the "Soimii" Association, an eagle, a Carpathian stag from the hunters in Talmacel, a wild pig etc. In 1930 the first bear was donated.
Worth mentioning is the over 600 years old oak at the entrance in the zoo.


Regarding the form and legal organization, the zoo was over the years, from its foundation until nowadays, part of the following organizations:
- 1962-1982: The Communal Service Sibiu
- 1982-1991: The People’s Council of Sibiu, the Department for Administration of Parks and Streets;
- 1993-1998: The Autonomous Administration for Municipal Domestic Economy Sibiu;
- 1998-2005 The Stock Company Specialized in Road Construction Sibiu

The Public Zoo Sibiu was established in March 2005, as a result of the Decision of the City Council of Sibiu no. 354 from the 23rd of December 2004.
The main objective of the Public Service is to organize, administrate, exploit, arrange and maintain the Public Zoo of Sibiu and its recreational area.


The Zoo Sibiu covers an area of over 15 hectares.
In 2006 a location of 800 sqm was built for jaguars and the dam of the leisure lake was rehabilitated.
The second lake that can be found in the Zoo was fixed up in 2007 and cleaned in 2008; in the middle of the lake, a 350 sqm island was built.
In the same year (2007), the areas destined to bears and jaguars were enlarged. In the years that followed, the areas belonging to the white wolfs, lions, tigers, wild pigs as well as herbivores, were extended. The Zoo hosts 207 animals and birds from 52 species: monkeys, bears, white wolfs, Carpathian wolfs, foxes, tigers, lions, jaguars, pumas, wild pigs, lamas, Carpathian stags, deer, white buffalos, ponies, reticulated pythons, crocodiles, pheasants, parrots, peacocks, pigeons.
Once the modernization works were finished, the number of visitors started to increase. Therefore, if in 2007 the zoo was visited by 80.000 people, their number rose to 123.000 in 2008, over 170.000 in 2009 and 177.459 in 2010.